Friendly Advice

Start – stop Start – stop that has become  the basic patterfor my blogging cycle.  In June, I decided 2014-2015 was to hold two personal growth goals for myself as a catalyst for FOCUS.  I want to make meaningful connections and build my Twitter PLN and I would schedule time during the week to share celebrations and failing forward via blogging to digitally scrapbook our growth as we become a much more connected and digital district.

So, I sat down late one summer night and opened my student Google account with the intention of working on the set-up of a fresh start blog.  I even wrote and scheduled a couple of posts.  Then last week we had our first annual Liberty LEADS Conference, where EduGurus were in the house sharing their successes and singing the praises for reflective blogging.  I was feeling good about my goals.  I was on the right track until George Couros shook up my little plan. (um, thanks?)

George (@gcouros) was talking about creating positive Digital Footprints and he calls me out, wondering why I use @lpstechmentors instead of my name as my Twitter username.  I could think of four reasons (and quite frankly, none of them are solid):

  1. I didn’t understand Twitter when I first signed up
  2. We created a district account as a group and then I kind of just took it over
  3. Kracht I mean, come on, will ANYONE be able to spell it?
  4. I have business cards with @lpstechmentors on it that has to be a good reason to stay the course, right?

George encouraged me to create my OWN digital footprint along with  the work I’m doing for the district so I will have my own identity.   It feels like a big decision, so I threw it out to my Twitter friends for some feedback:

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 11.13.32 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 11.11.49 PM


Ok, so maybe George is right and yes, likely I will change my Twitter name.  April Adams says she will change her name if I change mine.  It seems like I will just have to take a leap and do it and then spread the challenge as at the end of the day, physically changing my name is a really simple process.

What this conversation really did for me was to make me consider if I wanted to start a professional blog on the school network or would I prefer to “own it” myself.  I really like the simplicity of Blogger, but I have also used WordPress and whereas I don’t find it quite as simple, I chose to go the WordPress route for two reasons:  I could create my own name as the blog space AND I didn’t have to confuse my Chrome logon between my school and personal Google accounts.

Really, at the end of the day… it is all about making my life easier, right?  (haha)

Thanks for the push, George!  Hopefully this blog will be up, organized, and rolling soon AND my Twitter name will be changed.

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