Welcome to My Mobile Office

Mobile OfficeDriving 13 hours home from a family vacation in Colorado doesn’t have to be unproductive.  It was one day before teachers report back to the buildings and we were just coming through Denver on I70 and I knew it was time to start working if I was going to be ready for EPiC iPad training the next day.

I started the cellular hot spot, connected one MacBook Air, an iPad and my iPhone to continue building EPiC’s student iPad website.

Eastern Colorado flew by and I ran out juice on my MacBook.  I almost panicked when my husband calmly stopped at a local Aldi and ran in to get an adapter for our extension cord.  You see, our vehicle has an outlet, just not one that can handle three prongs!  YIKES… a near work disaster! Western Kansas flew by and in no time at all (approximately 9 hours later) we arrived at Grandma’s in Junction City to pick up our puppy, and I had a feeling of accomplishment as I had a nice start on the student Google site.

Two more hours to Kansas City and the training resources were ready and design notes are on the site to finalize this weekend. This entire process makes me think about the question I get a lot about EPiC why iPads? My answer – mobility changes the educational landscape.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 6.09.24 PM

EPiC teachers set up their iPad mini a week before school starts.

The point is learning doesn’t have to stop, no matter WHERE you might be. I am not advocating that students not have a life outside of school, but they should be able to take their device with them wherever they go. When is the last time you went on a field trip and took your laptop? Or did you take a cell phone?  Could you have taken an iPad? That is precisely the point… the device can go with you if it is across the classroom, building, or town. Students can capture video, images, audio, and construct new knowledge using creative tools in a mobile environment.

I’m excited to see how EPiC transforms the learning landscape by not only using space differently, but by leveraging the technology to maximize time in new and meaningful ways.

I love the recent article the Kansas City Star did on EPiC titled “Kansas City area’s digital-age schools hail an education revolution” it makes me think about the challenge that has been set forth to all of us as it is time for real change in education and we must begin empowering students in meaningful learning with devices that make sense for their world.

So, as my long trip came to a close last night, I found myself reflecting on what I accomplished over that day for students, teachers, and parents and I couldn’t help but smile as I was thinking – times really are changing!

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