Liberty LEADS Update – Middle Level Laptops

Thumbs UpYesterday was deployment day and there were more smiling faces than you could count. It takes a lot of planning to roll out this many devices, but more important than the organization is what will happen in the classroom as a result of student access.

Teachers are starting to dream big about education and working towards helping students be digitally organized and become more self-directed learners. We know that this will not happen overnight, but with strong leadership and modeling the instructional conversations are developing new lines of thinking.

So for today, we will celebrate the end of wishing for more access. This deployment didn’t come without its share of bumps and bruises as we brought over 2,000 students online with Chromebooks (Grades 6-7) and MacBook Airs (Grade 8). It really hit me the other day as I stopped to consider that we now live in a district where students will never know education without access.  This idea has to become deeply embedded in all teacher conversations about what’s next for students in terms of changing the learning environment, the supports we offer students, staff, and parents, and how we can challenge educational change.

Today is truly a great day to be a student at Liberty Public Schools!

To see a brief overview of the day, check out:

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