Challenge Accepted – Building Capacity

Day 1

Starting blogging is the easy part, sticking with it is the challenge! @TeachThought has provided a 30 day blogging challenge that kicks off today and spans the month of September. Honestly, this challenge idea is genius as sometimes you have so many topics swirling in your head, it is hard to get a concrete idea down. The questions that support the month are intended to push reflection, and most importantly, connect educators with a larger community of learners! I can’t wait to learn from others by adding #reflectiveteacher as a column on my TweetDeck!

As I have blogged earlier in #TYIW, building and learning from my PLN is a huge goal for this year. As I reflect on today’s question, it makes me ask myself WHY do I want to grow my PLN? One obvious reason is the authentic connections I have been making across the globe, pushing myself to see the educational world from different perspectives.

Fundamentally, I believe that “collective intelligence” is critical to organizational growth. This idea really started to streamline in my head after exploring IBM’s ideas about “Collective Intelligence – capitalizing on the crowd“. I used to think it was the collective knowledge of an organization that was important, but I realize it goes much deeper than just knowledge. We are talking about a shift in the knowledge ecosystem. 

So my goal has crystallized in that I pledge to use this school year to find ways to engage educators in transparent sharing across our District social media platforms, searching out and supporting educators wanting to engage with authentic audiences, and building capacity through meaningful learning experiences. Here are a few ways I will work to achieve this goal:

  • This past week I was happy to report success in collective conversations using to grow educator’s voices together in our weekly Liberty LEADS paper
  • Twitter users can “Join the Conversation” by sharing via #lpsleads as well as 14 other building and district hashtag conversations.
  • We have created a LEADS Google + Community to give everyone (not just Twitter users) a platform to share.
  • We are working to update our Liberty LEADS website as a clearing house for meaningful connections.

This list will expand as I truly believe in order to support sharing, I need to constantly be looking for additional connections. Perhaps the best ideas to push us forward will come as a result of this blog post and the 30 day challenge!

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