Challenge Accepted – Instagram and Beyond

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Day 2 of the @TeachTech blogging challenge is about the tool, but more than that, what can you do now that you couldn’t do before. In order to achieve the goals I mentioned in yesterday’s post, “Challenge Accepted – Building Capacity“, I’ve decided to blog about building upon my goals as much as possible throughout this 30-Day Challenge. This keeps me honest in achieving my goals and provides reflective material to consider as I Learn – Use – Grow with the #reflectiveteacher community.

Instagram has been around since 2010, but like many social media venues, it takes awhile to catch on (for adults, that is). As I work primarily with adults, who clearly work with students, it is important to share with them instructional uses of tools that have primarily been used for social and entertainment purposes.

As you can see, my professional Instagram account is just getting started – so there is room to grow for sure! I am hoping to really work on this aspect of my learning throughout this 30-Day Challenge.

Let’s consider a few ways Instagram could be used in education to increase efficiencies, provide authentic learning opportunities, and help portray your story positively:

  • Use your cell phone to snap pictures and immediate upload to Instagram providing a window into your classroom that isn’t time-restricted
  • Consider showcasing student work in any content area
  • Record experiments or results
  • Ask students to snap pictures of educational topics as found in the ‘real world’
  • Invite students to use Instagram to record field trips
  • Use pictures as writing prompts
  • Discuss Creative Commons and encourage students to use their own images for presentation and publication of learning
  • Create a portfolio of student learning BY students
  • Invite parents to follow a class Instagram account or share by uploading the image into preferred social media networks
  • Share collective whole-school learning and activities through pictures shared by principals and staff

Last week I learned about another exciting connection with Instagram that I can’t wait to really try and promote: Hyperlapse iOS app (free). Take a look at the example below and start thinking about ways you could use this today:

Tutorial Post

3 responses to “Challenge Accepted – Instagram and Beyond

  1. I agree the Hyperlapse tool has interesting possibilities. It’s definitely a dynamic way to share. My mind is whirling trying to think about implications for learning.

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  2. ciao sono caterina e soffro di frequente di un persistente bruciore alla bocca ho provato di tutto compreso anche risciaqui con aloe naturale ma non ho riscontrato mioargilmenti, cosa posso fare.aspetto risposta


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