Elementary Emphasis on Digital Citizenship

Starting Fall 2014, every Grade 3-5 student received a Chromebook that they will be able to take home in a 1-1 environment. With this access comes great responsibility to have conversations about what it means to be a Digital Citizen. To really focus on these conversations Liberty Public Schools’ Elementary Administrators agreed to require all Grades 3-5 students to engage in a five week game-based study through Common Sense Media – Digital Passport. The topics covered include:

  • Lesson One: Communication – Students learn why it is important to avoid multitasking with technology.
  • Lesson Two: Privacy – Students learn what information is okay to share online and once posted no message is ever really “erasable.”
  • Lesson Three: Cyberbullying – Students learn about cyberbullying and how to stand up to those who are bullying others.
  • Lesson Four: Searching – Students learn how to use the best search terms and how to narrow their results.
  • Lesson Five: Creative Credit – Students learn the importance of giving attribution to all forms of media.

Digital Citizenship Resources – Let’s Get the Conversation Started!

What does it mean to be a “Digital Citizen”? Below is a poster teachers can download and print HERE in order to share in your classroom as we work to become Certified Schools through Common Sense Media.

LPS teachers are also encouraged to check out some of the resources below and engage in a District-wide conversation on this very important topic.

Join Liberty LEADS Google+ Community and add to the Digital Citizenship conversation!



Five Excellent Videos to Teach Your Kids About Digital CitizenshipPosted August 26, 2014 on global digital citizen foundation


Definition of Digital Citizenship” Posted May 2, 2013 on @TeachThought by Terry Heick

Each week my goal is to blog, tweet, and post via Google+ additional resources to share with staff, students, and parents as we continue our conversation about this very important topic. Be sure to share your best resources and add to our conversation!

A special thank you to Katie Lawson, Assistant Principal at Lewis and Clark Elementary and Megan Bright, Library Media Specialist at Lillian Schumacher for their work in helping us move forward as a district with Digital Citizenship!


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