Challenge Accepted – The Love of Teaching

I haven’t had a chance to read all of the posts today at #reflectiveteacher, but I’m guessing my thoughts won’t be all that surprising as the @TeachThought Day 4 topic is “The thing that you love the most about teaching”. What is my answer? Working with and more importantly for students. 

Yesterday was a long day. You know, the ones that are semi-frustrating at every turn. What is the best way to re-energize and stay focused after a day such as this? Just walk into a school and actually look at the faces of the kids you serve. I mean really open your eyes and take a look around. Today I just happened to be working at EPiC Elementary and take a look at a few things that were happening:



  • Students working with a coach to prepare for an interview with experts.
  • Students preparing to be bloggers working on creating quality comments.
  • Students planting and labeling garden vegetables with volunteers.
  • Students collaborating and learning in non-traditional spaces (aka the hallway).
  • Stand-up, Hands-up, Pair-up as students make connections to review and revise writing.

All this before lunch. Everywhere I turned I was stopping to watch as students were engaged in meaningful learning activities. I find it exciting that these activities were only a sampling of what was happening across the building.

I’m constantly in awe of the things teachers and students are doing together across the district. There are countless pictures on my phone as I can’t stop snapping as they serve as a reminder that education is changing. We still have a long way to go, but I am energized and can’t stop smiling. My dad always told me being around kids all day long keeps teachers young. I think it goes beyond that to the energized climate of schools where working together really creates a synergy that can’t be ignored.

Next week, we unveil a process that we are hoping will allow us to get into more teacher’s classrooms and shine a spotlight to share their stories as amazing things are happening for all students at Liberty! 


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