Digital Volunteers – Quality Comments

We want all of our Digital Volunteers to be successful and feel confident as they start to engage with students. In order to do this, we are sharing with them the learning and discussions our EPiC 3rd grade class has engaged in to prepare for publishing their first blog post.

EPiC 3rd Graders took a leap today and published their first blog comment as shown on the thumbnail below. Click HERE to view the entire document including a snapshot of students practicing their quality comments. This document (Tackk) will be sent to the Digital Volunteers to help them build background knowledge and prepare for our next steps.

See on

If you are interested in previewing the commenting practice listed above click HERE. Be sure to follow teachers: Dawn Bennett and Kellie Konrad on Twitter. They also have a class account:  EPiC 3rd Grade.

2 responses to “Digital Volunteers – Quality Comments

  1. Yo, thanks so much for the interview! I plan to give a link to it in my email this week to my boxing crew. My ego is all inflated, heh. Now my sparring partners are gonna have to cut me back down to size, lol.I’ll be looking forward to interviewing YOU about your first fight! Yeah, I bet you will want one, eventually…


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