Challenge Accepted – Favorite Part of the Day

First off, let me tell you that I would not consider myself a morning person. I dread the alarm clock and set it at least 30 Charleeminutes early so I can snooze a few (OK… many) times. Perhaps this is because I tend to be more of a night owl or it might be because we got a puppy this summer and she seems to be determined to go outside between 2-4 am EVERY night (I’m having newborn flashbacks). It is a good thing Charlee is cute… Although, I often wonder how long I will agree with that statement.

So it surprises even me that my real response to this prompt would always be morning. I have to keep a notepad and my iPhone near by as often my best ideas come to me while getting ready for the day. I like to take a few minutes when I arrive at school to organize projects and dive into something complex that I know will take more brain power to develop.

It seems as the day wears on, my ability to shut off the external stimuli reduces for items such as email or new project requests that require organizational structure considerations.  All of these activities are important, but tend to be distractions and something I call productivity speed bumps.

The other reason I really enjoy the morning is that my office sits at the back of a high school classroom and when I’m not in other buildings, I get to walk in and be an extension of that classroom. It gives me the chance to chat up students in the morning where the smiles and conversations put me into a great mindset to frame conversations and projects throughout the day.

**This post is in response to “Reflecting Teaching: A 30-Day Blogging Challenge For Teachers.”

2 responses to “Challenge Accepted – Favorite Part of the Day

  1. I want to meet Charlee. We should get our dogs together for a play date. Berkley would absolutely love her.

    Just a heads up about doodles: I’m not sure they ever stop being a puppy at heart. It’ll get better, though. I know exactly what you mean that it’s a good thing she’s cute. I think that all the time about Berkley. She’s 4 years old and she still gets up sometimes in the middle of the night. JUST BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO PLAY! Fortunately, it’s not EVERY night.


  2. You are lucky that you have an office still connected to the energy and action of the students. That daily reminder of how you impact the whole district of students must be inspiring.

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