Elementary Tablet Pilot Kicks Off

This week you will be seeing Grades 1-2 students taking home a tablet device as part of our 2014-2015 DigitaLEADS Pilot Goalsl Transformation pilot. We will be working with students, parents, and teachers throughout the school year as we explore the use of iPads and Nexus 7 tablets with this age group. Our goal is to select the most appropriate device for creating and learning at this level that will fit within the Liberty Public Schools system. During this year, we will be conducting pre/mid/post surveys of teachers, students, and parents as well as face-to-face focus groups to gather information on the effectiveness of these tools in the learning environment.

Pilot teachers will be collaborating with each other in a variety of informal ways, but will also come together for four face-to-face professional development days this school year to share our learning as well as push each other to increase innovation in the classroom. Last week, we started considering what would students be able to do if we eliminated barriers:

Answer Garden Brainstorm

Let’s meet this dynamic teacher team! These teachers will start with the devices listed below and then they will switch devices over the holiday break. This process will be done in order to really evaluate each device in the classroom over a period of time. At the end of the school year, we will make a recommendation to the Executive Leadership Team in order to proceed with the plan of Grades 1-2 going 1-1 for Fall 2015.2014-2015 Elementary Pilot

Our pilot teachers will be tweeting their progress and learning to their respective building hashtags as well as to #lpsleads. You can also follow progress by subscribing to this pilot Twitter list or following the teachers directly.

Check out our early pilot goals as we begin our work this week (you can click on the picture to expand the view):

Pilot Padlet Goals

We are very excited about this opportunity and I know I can’t wait to visit classes this week to help provide support throughout the pilot. I’m hoping to highlight our successes and challenges on this blog as we Learn – Use – Grow together!

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