Digital Citizenship – Cyberbullying

This week students are talking about Cyberbullying through Common Sense Media’s Digital Passport module.

As we become a digital district, we want students to be publishing work online and developing a positive digital footprint. We are aware with an increase in digital access, be it through a smart phone, tablet, or laptop, students continually interact with others online in both positive and unfortunately sometimes negative ways. Continued conversations and education for students and adults on topics such as cyberbullying is critical to the long-term health of this generation.

Why Cyberbullying is Different

Why Cyberbullying is Different –

What is cyberbullying? has many resources to help prevent cyberbullying and is the source for the short video below:

The following infographic is from and shares some facts to consider in your conversations. In the Digital Passport Module, Common Sense Media talks about what it means to be an “Upstander” who are people saying no to bullying by pledging not to bully as well as finding ways to stand up for those who are being bullied. In the module, be sure to take a look at the Educator Resource “Cyberbully Mission”. This resource provides an Upstander Mission which should generate rich conversations within your classroom.

Cyber Bullying FactsImage Source

Cyberbullying is real and it is everyone’s responsibility to educate students on recognizing and dealing with these kinds of behaviors.  The video below contains a great message about taking a stand.

Watch out, cyber-bullies: Kids have new tools to fight back
CBS News Report – August 19, 2014

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