Tech Cafe at Warren Hills

Danny and ChavisEvery other Tuesday is Tech Cafe at Warren Hills Elementary. So far I have been able to attend two of the three events and I will say that the collaboration and learning going on during this 20 minute time is amazing!

The lead facilitators for these events are Danny Todtfeld (5th) and Chavis Clawson (1st), both are classroom teachers and District Tech Mentors which are Instructional Technology leaders in the building.

Through the event, the facilitators encourage the use of Twitter by adding to the #whcats and #lpsleads hashtags as well as providing staff with a Today’s Meet to collaborate for those who are not yet Twitter users.

How is this day of learning set up? 

Todtfeld and Clawson worked with their principals, Steve Lumetta and Whitney Weakley, to promote the event for staff and ensure they would have coffee for participants. The sessions are from 8:20-8:50 am and there is never a formal presentation.

Teachers walk in and sit in groups where at any point during the session, they might takeDanny Symbaloo over being the lead person sharing. Agenda topics have included discussions about the deployment of Chromebooks and classroom management in a one-to-one setting, Google Classroom, and sidebars on various other engaging digital tools.

After great success in the first two sessions, the facilitators took a step back to review and make improvements. This week they held two separate sessions, including KidBlog and Symbaloo for Grades 3-5 and creating student video newsletters for Grades 1-2. I will be posting examples here as they start to roll in on the hashtags!

What I like most about the sessions is that everyone is a lead learner! After getting a filter block, we realized that many teachers didn’t know how to access the remote filter logon on the Chromebook, so I Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.16.10 PMasked Jordan Williamson to take a screenshot on his Chromebook and share out. Steve Lumetta jumped up and said he knew how to do that as a student taught him yesterday so he showed us and as a result I learned a new shortcut!

Screenshot tip alert! (Chromebook users)

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.19.02 PMImage Source

The Tech Cafe is a great way to promote informal learning and collaboration at Warren Hills.  I would love to hear about how other schools across LPS are sharing information including when and where so I can come and participate!

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