Make a Connection – Join our Conversation!

One of the things I love most about my job is that I’m constantly surrounded by people who embrace innovation and push themselves to think differently. As a district, we had a great professional development opportunity in September where we heard from George Couros and Will Richardson as a school system. Each of their messages contained similar advice for educators which was to start small and make connections. Here are a couple of points that I have been considering:

  • George spoke about the power of hashtags and the benefits of using lists and as a result, we have been working to leverage our Liberty LEADS Website as a space to curate and share District connections.
  • Will challenged us in the next six months to concentrate on our own learning. He said find something you want to learn about and practice using Social Media to make connections and collaborate through networks.

As a result of this day, I’m seeing more and more educators reaching out with Social Media (mainly Twitter) to start building connections and learning from each other.

So what is next?  On Thursday, October 9, we have an early release professional development day at LPS. For this event, I am excited to be a co-Lead Learner with our Liberty High School Principal, Dr. April Adams. Our topic? “Don’t wait to be an expert” where we start small by facilitating a conversation about how educators can leverage Twitter as a learning platform.

October is also Connected Educator Month and we are all about connecting and providing support for teachers on this powerful platform. I know often educators are a bit hesitant to really get into Twitter as it can be a little like drinking water from a fire hydrant. So the question remains… What support can we provide to help educators become more comfortable with social media?

One answer is simple… We host our FIRST ever Twitter hashtag conversation!Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 2.33.16 PM

What:  Twitter Hashtag Conversation 

When: Thursday, October 9 from 2:00-3:00 pm (CST)

Where:  #lpsleads

Topic: Using Social Media for Professional Learning

We are hoping there will be other educators who are able to join the conversation, adding their thoughts to the hashtag. We will host six questions while also providing face-to-face support of the teachers present at Liberty High School in our professional development session.

As educators, we fundamentally understand the importance of modeling for students and that is exactly the type of support we want to give our adult learners in this professional development session. We will also be reaching out to crowdsource ideas from anyone around the world who is willing and able to join our conversation. We can’t wait to see what connections are made!

Image Source: Hydrant and Drinking Fountain

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