Digital Citizenship – Intellectual Property

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.22.12 PMThis week Grades 3-5 students are learning about the rights individuals have to protect their intellectual property. The Digital Passport Module Mix-n-Mash (objectives to the right) share information with students about mashups that are created and posted all over the Internet and what types of rules apply to making such creations.

In an age where sharing has become almost second nature, students need to understand the importance of gaining permission to use content BEFORE they publish and that they are required to properly give credit for all content created by others. Take a look at the video below titled, “Copyright Perspectives: No, You Stole It”

One of the tools many of our elementary students use to give others credit is called EasyBib. This site allows you to quickly generate citations and post as a part of published work or as formal and correctly formated Works Cited option.

Students also need to know that what they create is covered under the same laws and they can choose to publish and allow others to use their creative works by applying a Creative Commons license.

To learn more about Intellectual Property, check out:

The FBI – Intellectual Property Theft

National Crime Prevention Council – Intellectual Property Theft – Get Real

Copyright Flowchart

Copyright Flowchart by Tolisano and Zeidenberg

One of my favorite education blogs to follow is called Langwitches by Silvia Tolisano. Her work is really practical and filled with fantastic examples and idea generators.

I particularly like her blog post titled, “Copyright Flowchart: Can I use it? Yes? No? If This… Then…” written June 10, 2014. In this post, there are references to multiple posts within her blog that highlight copyright and what it means to be a good digital citizen.  Take some time to explore the flowchart created by Tolisano and Meryl Zeidenberg (image excerpt on the left). This chart is a great way to explore the idea of copyright and help students maneuver our complicated digital world.

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