Linking within Google Calendar Events

With the use of Google Calendar on the rise throughout Liberty Public Schools, many teachers are looking for ways to streamline their events for students by adding links with words instead of pasting in a series of long URLs that have to be copied into a new browser window.

For those who are craving a more streamlined event, this post is for you!

Within Google Calendars, click to edit (or create) your calendar event and in the “Description” area, you can add HTML code (see the example below)


An a href specifies a link in HTML. Once you get used to the syntax, you can add this tag anywhere. You will type in exactly what you see in the above example, but will put in your own link in between the quotation marks and add your specific “text to click” words.

By adding this quick code in the Description, you will be able to clean up the text within your Google Calendar Events and help students stay organized!

Here is a video tutorial to help get you started:

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