One Million Cups Meets Idea JAM

The Liberty High School leadership team had an awesome opportunity to attend One Million Cups at the Kauffman Foundation last week and W-O-W it spurred a TON of amazing discussions about innovation in the building! The idea behind this process is to have two entrepreneurs present each week sharing their ideas gaining exposure and support thinking through a crowdsourced venue. The format is a six minute presentation followed by 20 minutes of question and answer time. The entrepreneurs gain insight and feedback from sources they likely never would have had access to without this venue. Oh, and even though this program is offered every week, it typically is standing room only – talk about a powerful idea that people like!

How can One Million Cups impact a high school? Well, immediately conversations started happening around best practices for pitching ideas and how critical it is for students to have such important communication skills. Intrigue about the power of crowdsourced connections and the sheer quality of questions being offered got people thinking beyond their classroom walls. We even asked One Million Cups questions via Twitter during our debrief time and received GREAT information!  (Thank you,@1MillionCupsPRO!)

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 8.25.08 AMHow can the idea behind One Million Cups be replicated in a high school? Enter an innovative principal, Dr. April Adams, and a group of teachers who are interested in sharing and you end up with an Idea JAM (Join A Movement)!

Dr. Adams shared an invitation to a capped lunch event where anyone from Liberty High School could sign up to attend. Two teachers were selected to share a project that they are working on to gain information and suggestions from the audience in attendance.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 8.24.42 AMWhat did we learn from this event? We found a partnership bloom authentically between International Business and Spanish in a matter of minutes as a project idea was shared. We found teachers opening their minds to engage student learning with Twitter and confidence building as @MrsWelzenbach was saying “If I can do it, so can you – I will help!”.

The audience shared ways they might be able to also help the project ideas grow and at the conclusion of the event, the energy was high and the general consensus was “WOW – this was awesome, I wish there was more time to talk!”.

What is in store next month? Two teachers will share out ideas they are working on and Spoiler Alert – I hear one is looking to start up a student business (within LHS) and is looking for insight and ideas on how to go from idea to implementation. My advice? SIGN UP EARLY this event is going to go fast and is worth every second of your time invested. The connections and ideas you walk away is electrifying and makes you think about how you might change a practice or make a connection today!

If you don’t have Idea JAMs in your school… it is worth a discussion as this is a powerful event! Want more information? Contact Dr. April Adams!

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