Formative Feedback

I had a great opportunity to attend a plan hour session on Friday regarding Formative Feedback hosted by Sara Wickham, Innovation and Learning Coach.  This quote made me stop and think:

When the cook tastes the soup, that’s formative assessment. When the customer tastes the soup, that’s summative assessment.

-Paul Black

As teachers were filtering in and out during their plan hour, what struck me was the energy and willingness to share successes using formative feedback tools. All it took was a platform to connect with others you don’t see on a daily basis (brilliant idea, Sara!)

I walked out of this session considering the two full day professional development sessions I’m leading next week and immediately took these tried and true methods and am planning to share what I learned!

Here are some of my Ah-ha Moments

  • I want to explore PearDeck with the Grades 1-2 tablet pilot as a way for students to draw and submit their thinking in real time. We have used several tools in the past, but many are unreliable… Perhaps this tool will be more stable. Thank you Matthew Estep!
  • David McDorman uses Plickers to create formative assessments where students hold up QR codes and the teacher scans the room using an iOS device.
  • Do you use popsicle sticks to help with calling on students? Melissa Jones also uses this as a way to create a group quickly.  Just pull the sticks!
  • Erin Ramsey shared a Teaching Channel video “My Favorite No” and I feel there are SO many ways teachers can help students embrace the “No” (aka wrong answer) by looking for what is right first and then positively identifying how you take corrective action to make the entire answer a “Yes” (aka correct). I wrote out several notes as I had to watch the video immediately.
  • Scott Howard reminded me what a great tool Random Name Picker is, and that you can use it to call on students OR you can put in concepts and spin those where students have to share out.

Come to find out, I also learned something about myself. I tend to have a lot more patience with a classroom of students than I do for my own kids. You know, about the time you are getting home from practice and working on homework and it is more complex than you anticipated? My kids typically lead off with “I don’t get it” I ask what they don’t get and receive a statement, “all of it’? I’m not proud to say my teacher brain doesn’t always win out over the mom’s increased level of frustration at those responses.

Well, those days are over… I learned a new statement, and hear Sara Langford gets great results with the words below as students typically do know more than what they realize:

Okay, but if you DID know, what would you say?

Now, did I mention that I got all of these great ideas in less than 40 minutes? The power of sharing. Find ways to create these opportunities within schools and we ALL win!

One response to “Formative Feedback

  1. Thanks, Tracey!! The brilliance is definitely in the exchange of ideas among so many amazing teachers. It’s exciting to see how many new ideas you learned. Thanks for stopping by!

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