30 Day Twitter Challenge

Amy Thornburg and Lance Huebner have an amazing idea for helping people learn and use Twitter through a building-wide 30 day challenge at Liberty Middle School. What makes this process different from other challenges is the scaffolding in activities to assist educators in learning and immediately using Twitter in their professional world. I’m intrigued about how Challenges such as this could be used across the district to help build capacity through sharing!

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 8.05.29 AMMy add-on thoughts for this process target the person organizing and managing the challenge. First off, I would File / Make a Copy of Amy’s Google Document and edit the topics for my building/project… being sure to give LMS credit for a great idea! The second add-on would be to use the TweetDeck scheduler to increase efficiency.

Start by adding TweetDeck to your Chrome browser and logon. Create your desired tweet and select “Schedule Tweet”. This allows you to individually schedule informational tweets down to the specific day and time each tweet will post for the challenge project. This allows you to be consistent with the tweeting process and reduces the organizational fear of failing to tweet out the challenge every morning! To help with organization, I would also add the hashtag (in this example #lmsleads) as a column in TweetDeck to quickly view and interact with others’ posts throughout the challenge.

I’m looking forward to seeing what others will do across the district as similar challenges will likely emerge. I’d love to see a challenge for students and if anyone creates one, please be sure to add your link in the comments below! Happy tweeting and make sure to share some love with #lmsleads!

Spoiler Alert – be on the look out for a 30-day Challenge – coming SOON for #lpsleads!

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