Pilot Teachers Prepare with Nexus

Throughout the school year Grades 1-2 teachers are piloting iPads and Nexus 7 in a 1-1 environment to make a recommendation about the best learning tool for primary students. This post will be in a series of archived learning from this project.

Five teachers are using the Google Nexus 7 tablets. One HUGE benefit of being a Google Apps for Education district is that these devices are logged on and ready to go from day one with very little teacher management. Let’s take a look at the process:

Teachers begin with creating a Google Group to be able to install apps on the student devices.

Most teachers start by creating one class group. As we move forward, teachers also may choose to create smaller groups in order to install individual apps that don’t need to go to all students. This is a great way to be able to differentiate the learning environment.

In order to stay organized, most of the teachers decided to save the Group email to their Gmail accounts:

Now teachers are ready to install apps. In this part of the process, teachers will access: https://play.google.com/edu to find apps that should be on student devices.

The install of apps is not immediate, but definitely within approximately 10 minutes. The beauty of this process is the ability for a teacher to be anywhere in the world 24/7, access https://play.google.com/edu and send apps to students. It doesn’t matter where students are located as once their device hits a wireless signal their device will start downloading the app.

For a written tutorial over this process, please click HERE.

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