App Smashing … isn’t just for kids!

I love the increase in efficiency my iPhone provides as it is ready to work 24/7. I love free apps, but I don’t always enjoy the limitations ‘free’ can mean for functionality. So Greg Kulowiec has got me thinking… “Why limit our students to one tool at one time?” I have been working with teachers who App Smash with students, so I wonder… Why should students have all the fun? What about sharing out an App Smash for adults?

The idea is creation and publishing without limits. – Beth Holland

So, grab your mobile device, your creativity, and get ready to APP SMASH with me…

camera roll

Step One – Take a series of pictures. Remember, you can always edit pictures, but it is hard to make a ‘bad’ picture good… I tend to take lots of shots so there are a variety of choices. You can see the example on the left, I have taken over 20 images of the event where expert, Matt Flener, worked with EPiC 3rd Grade students to better understand asking open vs. closed questions to prepare for interviewing others in an upcoming field trip.


Step Two – (Background consideration) I know that I want to share my content on Twitter and that I can upload up to four images on a single tweet; however, I would prefer a more unique collage feel to my images so have specifically chosen to use the PicStitch collage app as it is easy to use, integrates with Instagram, and is FREE.

You can edit pictures inside of PicStitch by double clicking the image and editing, adding effects, or any text you want to see on top of the image. There is a blur tool that works nicely to erase student names and identifiers that might have accidently been caught in the image.

When your edits are complete, just click on “Export” to finalize… most students will App Slam using their Photo Album, but I wanted an Instagram connection for archiving purposes. I chose to click on “Instagram” and connected my accounts.

InstagramStep Three – You will see an option to “open in Instagram” and there will be a text box for you to add your caption. Be descriptive and since I do plan to share via Twitter, I have added hashtags and mentions (see left).

Once I have completed this process, I select “share” and click on Twitter. The first time you will be prompted to connect your accounts. After the first time, the connection is automatic. Here is my irritation with the Instagram to Twitter connection… Instagram images automatically show as a LINK and not a full picture. Why? I don’t know, but there is a work-around!

I chose to add Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.08.59 PMan IFTTT recipe Click HERE for the link to this recipe. You follow the step-by-step recipe to set it up and then click “Check Recipe Now” to have it start working.  After the initial set up? You got it… the connection is automatic and produces a Tweet like the one below:

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 3.12.09 PM

So that’s it… my App Slam for the week recap:

Camera – PicStitch – Instagram – IFTTT – Twitter

Bonus Material

Super camera power tips from Laura Gilchrist’sCamera Toting Teacher” session at #METC15 includes great editing and collage app ideas. A HUGE thank you for the tip of downloading the Flickr app and setting it to sync with my iPhone. Now all of my pictures and videos are backed up automatically on Flickr!!!

Digital Citizenship Alert – you can set your Flickr profile and uploads to private and then open privacy to albums after you organize like this example of EPiC’s Expert Discussion!

Final Thoughts – there are thousands of ways to App Smash, none of which are right or wrong. I would love an App Smash challenge, so please let me know your favorite connections!

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