Staying Organized with Feedly

Today I have the privilege of facilitating part of EPiC’s weekly Two Cent Tuesday professional learning and collaboration sessions! The topic of “Staying Organizing with Feedly” stemmed from several teachers indicating a strong dislike for the lists of blog posts they have subscribed to via email and how their email is now growing out of control.

One simple solution? Use an RSS Aggregator to bring all of your blog posts to you and stop the email subscription. Today we are exploring Feedly, but there are a host of other options out there. I have found Feedly to be incredibly easy to use, reliable, and accessible via our student Google logon accounts.

Here’s a quick tutorial to get you started… Click HERE if the images in the embedded Google Doc below appear overlapped.

Want to make changes and share this document with your staff? Just File / Make a Copy of THIS document, edit and share.

What are the blogs EPiC teachers are following?  Well, you can check out that list HERE. Be sure to add your favorites to the list as well!

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