Digital Support with eLEADS

Fall 2015 marks the first time in history, all Liberty students K-12 will have a digital device to use at home and at school for educational purposes. Fall 2015 Going DigitalAfter years of pilots and work with students and teachers, we will officially have three student devices in our system. This spring and summer we continue to train teachers with their new devices which include K-12 MacBook Airs (13 inch) and K-5 teacher iPads used for integrating district-wide PLTW modules.

Meeting the needs of all students is challenging and access can help, but being successful requires a commitment to supporting staff as we move into robust digital classrooms. One of the most consistent ways we support staff is through the development of teacher leaders housed in each building. We call this support team our eLEADS.

Throughout this summer we will be sharing opportunities to learn from our eLEAD team and the support this team brings to our collective learning system.

Take a look at how our eLEADS will be supporting staff during the 2015-2016 school year:

eLEADS Sneak Peek 2015Click on the image to learn more!

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