LEADS Learning Topics

This year we are streamlining the work of our eLEADS so that we can Learn – Use – Grow across our community and beyond. In July we will begin promoting LEADS Learning Topics that were generated from our Clarity BrightBytes survey data collected for the second time in April. This survey garners information from all of our student, teacher and parent stakeholder groups. Each month highlights the areas we would like to grow and will allow our eLEADS to target specific building needs within each topic.

Each month we will:

  • Introduce the LEADS Learning Topic
  • Share great reads, things to consider, and people to follow
  • Increase Digital Citizenship awareness
  • Host two Twitter chats on #lpsleads that highlight the topic of study
    • Tuesday nights from 8:30-9:30 CDT
    • See our LEADS Website for more information
  • Offer one 20-30 minute monthly PD opportunity at each building designed by the eLEADS to support individual building needs on these topics.  See our LEADS Calendar for more information.
  • Generate collaboration across Liberty Public Schools by encouraging the use of #lpsleads and our LEADS Community

Liberty LEADS Learning Topics for Fall 2015 (1)

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