Green Screen in Education

This year I’m grounding the majority of my work around this driving question:

How can we transform education by providing more relevant learning experiences?

Green Screen in EducationTomorrow I have an amazing opportunity to work with staff during a three-hour Wired Wednesday Workshop to learn about creating green screen opportunities in the classroom.

As a 1-1 school district, we now have the access for every grade level to explore and engage in learning experiences such as green screen be it on an iPad, Chromebook, or MacBook Air. We currently see students creating green screen videos to:

  • Celebrate and share classroom news
  • Make connections with others
  • Tell a story by merging the ‘real world’ into learning

This is just the start of our adventure… Imagine what will happen when we begin to connect classrooms across the district to learn by sharing tips and ideas for engaging with content in a creative way!

I am a firm believer that in order to see more of these types of learning experiences in our classrooms, teachers need time as learners to make their own connections and decisions about engaging students with content at a deeper level. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what our educators will create as their own green screen projects and can’t wait to share on this blog and #lpsleads.

Check out our learning outline below and be sure to connect with us on #lpsleads and this blog to share out:

How have you used green screen to create relevant learning experiences?

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