Building Community

Tell Your StoryThe start of a new school year brings about excitement in both students and adults. Supplies have been purchased and are waiting in backpacks to be taken to Back to School Night, students are anxious to meet their new teachers, and now that Liberty is a digital district, teachers are gearing up to provide more communication via their websites and other social media outlets.

We know the critical component of successful classrooms are strong relationships built between teachers, students, and the school community. In order to support and grow, our K-12 eLEADS will spend August focusing on Building Community as our LEADS Learning Topic.

Each week we will highlight and grow our collective knowledge around what it means to build community face-to-face and online. We will share our learning out loud on the #lpsleads hashtag and invite all educators to join this important conversation.

To kick off our learning, we need your help! Please answer the question below on #lpsleads so we can highlight great ideas on our LEADS site!

How will you increase communication, provide transparency in learning, and tell your story this year?

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