Digital Citizenship – Make it a K-12 Conversation

There is no shortage of conversation about the importance of helping students create positive digital footprints and being safe online. But who owns this conversation?  How do we ensure students are being exposed to discussions and practices that are preparing them to be digitally responsible? Last year we surveyed students via Clarity BrightBytes about where they get their advice and here are their top three sources:

Clarity Survey Results

Digital Citizenship can’t be a one time only discussion. It needs to be embedded throughout a student’s educational life as they begin engaging online through collaboration, creation, and publishing work. As a digital district, we will be formalizing our Digital Citizenship practices through curriculum teams starting in October, but to kick off conversations, take a look at what we are doing K-12 in the first month of school:

Elementary – Grades K-5
Middle Level – Grades 6-8
High School – Grade 9
High School – Grade 10-12

Please Note: All of our content is shared on our student support sites so that we can provide our community transparency in learning to encourage extension conversations at home.

We would love to hear from you! Please join our conversation and share your thoughts on #lpsleads

As educators, what “Digital Citizenship Alerts” could you add to assignments and correspondence home to keep this conversation alive in your classroom or building?

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