Setting Middle Level Students Up for Success

Middle Level Students

Image Credit: Scott Heeke – HMS

Intentional focus on building community at the Middle Level takes an army of caring educators! Day 1 saw students brimming with excitement as they located their lockers and classrooms and got connected by engaging in get to know you activities.

Day 2 will focus on helping students be successful in their digital world. Great teachers recognize students have grown up consuming media at warp speed, but how many of our “digital natives” are really savvy when it comes to producing with media or using it to enhance learning? Unfortunately, far too many schools take a leap of faith that leaves some students scrambling in a world that doesn’t make sense to them.

At Liberty Public Schools, ALL of our four middle level buildings are taking Day 2 to step back and really focus on building digital fluency for students as learners. Here is a look at our lesson plans for the day:

Grades 6-7 – Chromebooks

Grade 8 – MacBook Air

All lessons have been created to utilize 20-30 minutes of each class period, leaving time for teachers to make curricular connections and answer questions students may have.

In addition, we have created Student Support Sites to help give students and teachers opportunities to consider the tools they may not be familiar with as well as learn about their devices in more detail. Through this intentional instruction, we are hoping students are able to fully utilize their devices to enhance learning over time.

Student Chromebook Site

Student MacBook Site

In order to make this day successful, we need to give a big round of applause to:

  • The Principals of each middle level building for giving an entire day to these important topics:
  • Trey Katzer, Director of Technology, who is always there to lend advice and support along the way!
  • Scott Heeke and Amy Thornburg, middle level Innovation and Learning Coaches for their support in creating the hourly lesson plans and work on the Digital Citizenship lessons.
  • Robin Lewis, SVMS Library Media Specialist and eLEAD for her work in creating the Strategic Searching lesson.
  • All middle level eLEADS for their feedback on lessons and support for teachers in the buildings.

As you get started this year, who helps you be successful? Make sure to give them a shout out today!

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