UNmeeting – Connect and Share!

Today we are hosting our first eLEADS UNmeeting from 3:30-4:00 pm on #lpsleads. Our topic of conversation will be Building UNmeeting August 2015Community.

What is an UNMeeting?

  • Intentional collaboration and sharing K-12
  • Learning out loud via social media
  • Creating anytime/anywhere connections
  • Modeling informal learning opportunities for staff
  • Providing District conversation around our LEADS Learning Topics

The UNmeeting idea came from a conversation with an awesome educator and friend, Brent Catlett, who used a similar format when he was in Nebraska. The reality is working with staff K-12 creates a level of complexity in providing conversations due to a variety of contract times on campus. We needed to find a way to give depth to our conversation without requiring teachers to be physically at the same location at the same time. The UNmeeting concept helps us reach this goal.

We are not providing this opportunity to decrease our face-to-face connections as we do have quarterly opportunities for our eLEADS to gather and collaborate. This is an informal time where educators can celebrate what they are seeing in their buildings and share resources others may not have considered. It is also a time where we hope educators across Liberty and the world choose to join in and share their insights.

To me the UNmeeting idea shares similar professional learning opportunities as the EdCamp movement. Often you just need to create a platform to bring educators together and prepare to be blown away by the dialogue and ideas shared. I have no idea how many people will participate or how the conversation will roll, but that is the beauty of the process. I’m sure we will have several reflections after today and will learn and improve as we move forward.

So, where will YOU be at 3:30 pm CDT?

Take a look at our UNmeeting Questions for today and join our conversation on #lpsleads – we can’t wait to learn together!

HUGE shout out to Scott Heeke, who has partnered to help make this UNmeeting possible! 

UNmeeting Update:

UNmeeting Reflection

UNmeeting Chat Archive


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