What’s holding you back?

This week I have been inspired working with an amazing educator on her social media strategy. We have talked about profiles, bios, connecting accounts, blogging, and created incremental challenges to help meet her long-term goals. This got me thinking… I always say this is the year I start blogging consistently. I start blog posts in my head every single day and yet they often go unpublished as there seems to be a disconnect between thinking about blogging and actually writing and publishing the post.

So, what’s holding me back? What obstacle is in the way of my goal?What's Holding You Back?

I’m pretty sure the word TIME just hit everyone’s head. If I’m being honest, time is just an easy excuse, it isn’t the real reason I’m holding back. Everyone has the same 24 hours and like it or not, the time is available.

CONTENT… Maybe it’s the idea of not knowing what to write. Nope, that isn’t it either. Every single day I see student and staff stories unfold in front of my eyes and truly believe if we did a better job of sharing, we might actually see systemic changes in education.

Could it be FEAR of what others might think of my ideas? Again, not it. In a world of massive social media sharing, I figure if someone doesn’t like what I stand for or am thinking and they don’t want to engage in a thoughtful conversation, there is an easy solution, don’t follow me.

So again… I ask myself what’s holding me back?

This time it hits me. I’m approaching my blog as a teacher centered classroom. One where I have to have the right answers and must deliver all of my thoughts at one time in order for connections to occur. Really?!? This strategy doesn’t mirror my beliefs at all!

I thrive in a world where opportunities are available for learners to passionately dig into messy topics where there are no clear answers. A place where partnerships are formed because they make sense and an environment for true collaboration is built as a result. I crave feedback and when my mind shifts from the perspective of another, that only goes to strengthen the relationship even more.

WHEW! I Identified my true roadblock, so what now?

I’m going to start by changing my approach to blogging. Instead of trying to write one mammoth post that contains every thought I have ever had on the subject, I’m going to chunk into blog series. Novel idea, right? It is time to make the process of blogging fit into my life instead of trying to alter my life to fit into an unrealistic view of blogging.

I’ve been reading a lot about blogging philosophies from professionals and a couple of things really stand out:

  • Be passionate about the subject matter you are publishing
  • Blogging is NOT a formal research paper – drop the text heavy paragraphs and make your posts easy to scan
  • Show some personality

It is liberating to figure out what is really stopping progress, so I ask you…

What is holding YOU back?

One response to “What’s holding you back?

  1. Adding a new one, which connects to time, energy. We must preciously guard/prioritize our energy for things that matter. When the energy is gone, time is no longer a factor. I’ll squeeze it in if there’s energy. If there’s no energy, all the time in the world won’t make it happen.

    As a teacher, we must be thoughtful of our energy. We have many munchkins around us who need all that energy. When you have a few at home too, it’s quickly gone. I think the trick is remembering we’re biological creatures (stopping there – that’s an easy digression to which I don’t have the energy).


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