Not Your Old School Presentation

Child Growth and Development Rubric

Child Growth and Development Project Rubric

Today I had an amazing opportunity to be part of an authentic audience for Liberty North High School’s Child Growth and Development classroom led by teacher, Traci Silvey.  Students in Traci’s classroom have been studying Mindset by Carol Dweck as a means to apply a growth mindset and generate solutions to a current issue faced by students. Take a look at the project rubric:

Traci along with Innovation and Learning Coach, Tara Harvey, brought in several adults to serve as an authentic audience for students to give feedback. Here’s where it gets interesting…

Students present their findings in a small group setting with an adult, engage in conversation, and receive feedback. As soon as they are finished, students will immediately go to another table with an adult and present again. This allows students to learn, reflect, and present back-to-back multiple times throughout the class hour. Think about that…

  • Students present their ideas multiple times throughout the hour
  • Students receive feedback from different perspectives and are able to improve their presentation
  • Students are able to incorporate new knowledge gained through their discussions each time they present
  • Students grow confidence as they move from presentation to presentation

Lessons Learned

Make sure your invited audience has a brief background of what your students are learning. This will help the audience better understand how they can assist in the learning process, engage with your students, and provide better feedback.

When designing your feedback form, simplicity is key. You want your audience to focus on students and not be bogged down with filling out a complex document. Take a look at the form we used in today’s presentations:

Child Growth and Development Feedback Form

Authentic Audience Feedback Form

As an Audience MemberGrowth Mindset Students

  • Conversations between audience and students are richer when in small groups.
  • Asking intentional questions during the presentation helps students quit reading the slides and start talking more passionately about their topic.
  • Watching students grow and make connections through dialogue and then hearing the growth from other audience discussions makes this process really meaningful.

“Becoming is better than being”

-Carol Dweck

I am not saying that it is ineffective to have students present their findings as a summative event to a large group, but it should not be the only opportunity students have to engage with an authentic audience. To me, it is important students are given the opportunity to present, quickly iterate, build new knowledge, and present again. These types of opportunities allow students to build quality products through feedback in a quick iterative situation.

How are you using authentic audience with students in meaningful ways?

13 responses to “Not Your Old School Presentation

  1. From starting out with Mrs. Kracht then moving onto Mrs. Fletcher, I learned a lot more about how I’m presenting and the qualities to a good presentation. Taking the advice that Mrs. Kracht gave me and using it in the next presentation made me feel a lot more confident and made it easier to speak.


  2. I learned a lot and as I kept going throughout the hour and that is why I like the one on one with these adults rather than presenting to a whole class. I appreciate their time to help me grow as a presenter and a learner.


  3. I think that presenting in front of administrators made us work harder and become more engaged in each of our topics. Getting positive feedback and having the administrators engaged and asking questions put me in the growth mindset about how each of our problems are being heard and considered.


  4. I think that throughout this process, I learned a lot more about the difference between having a growth mindset and having a fixed mindset. Meeting with Ms. Harvey before everyone else helped me a lot because she told us what we needed to fix before presenting to the others. When we first learned about this project I wasn’t a fan of it, but after presenting to Dr. Jacobs I actually started to enjoy presenting because he was so supportive of my ideas and he really cared about how I was feeling. I hope that changes are made and the Golden Girls end up with practice space.


  5. Dear Mrs. Kracht,

    It was very nerve racking at first but what a great experience it was for all of us. I feel like it’s going to help us later in life when we have to talk in front of big crowds. Thank you so much for your time.

    11th Grade


  6. I think this was a good experience, I liked presenting one on one. I liked hearing all the different questions each of the people came up with, they all just had different responses to our proposition. Since having to present to the principles it will make it easier to present in front of a class of students.


  7. During our presentation I was a little nervous, our first adult we presented to was Tracey she was a big help! After we presented to her I was way more confident and that was a good thing because next we presented to our principal. Thanks for the opportunity.


  8. I learned a lot from presenting in front of people. The feedback helped me learn about what we needed to address more for the next presentation. I liked presenting in front of the administrators because they gave me feedback and it looked like they enjoyed watching us present. Thank you!


  9. I learned a lot from presenting to adults, they gave me and my partner feedback, negative and positive. Every time I presented I felt that I was getting better. I definitely like the one on one presenting instead of presenting to a big group setting, it was easier to talk. Thank you for letting us present to you!


  10. I would like to say thank you so much for this opportunity! When we presented to the principals we really spoke not only for ourselves but the entire student body. I hope they took what we said into consideration and help out with what we had to say. Thank you so much for hearing what we have to say Mrs. Kracht!


    • It truly was a wonderful experience to share in your learning. You presented ideas and provided evidence for your ideas. Nice job!


  11. I appreciated the invite. The most rewarding part of the process was seeing the teams reflect, revise and regroup for the next presentation. You were reflecting on feedback and tweaking your presentations before the next rotation. That is true learning.

    Thank you for your creative ideas, relative to our school community and for being a voice for LNHS students.


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