Getting Excited…

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 7.56.45 AM

#EdCampLiberty will be here Saturday, March 12, 2016 at EPiC Elementary! If you are an EdCamp junkie admit it, just seeing the logo above made you smile with fond memories. If you have never attended an EdCamp, I highly recommend it as the experience is well worth your time!

I love EdCamps… and here are a few reasons why:

Student partnerships – take our logo above for example, when do you get a chance to engage with a team of Graphic Design I students to be able to be an authentic audience and give feedback throughout the design process? You do for EdCamp! Thank you Mr. Steve Person for allowing us access to your class. This year’s logo design winner is… (coming soon)

Radical Collaboration – when do you get a chance to have conversations about teaching and learning with other educators where NOT a single person is being paid to be there?  …EdCamp!

Vote with your Feet – this EdCamp rule has completely changed my opinion of professional learning by giving me the ability to move around to participate in more topics and be in charge of what I want to learn. Where are professionals allowed to be professional? Always EdCamp!

Active Participation – EdCamps overflow with positive energy, are a place where no one cares where you are in the educational lineup, no preferential treatment occurs for being employed (or not employed) at one district over another,  connections are celebrated and lasting friendships are formed. When do you ever get a chance to engage and participate in an educational revolution? You got it… come to an EdCamp!

There are so many reasons I get excited about EdCamp and about 300 of them will be joining me Saturday, March 12 at EPiC Elementary… will you be joining us?  I sure hope so!

Please give a shoutout on #EdCampLiberty with the reason YOU love EdCamps and why educators should consider checking one out!

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