Be Learner Centered

Over the past month I have been mulling ideas for creating more dynamic leaner centered opportunities where student voice and choice are amplified. I dove back into my METC notes (aka Tweets) to see what fresh ideas might be out there that we haven’t tried.

Here are a couple of idea starters. Be sure to add your connections and extensions in the comment section below!

Education Needs More PITCHES

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 10.26.03 AM.png

I always enjoy fast paced Ignite pitches and as I sat at METC listening to the messages two things came to mind…

  1. Pitches are everywhere in life. In fact, we are all ‘selling’ something every day… maybe it is an idea, a solution, our image, a product, but one thing is certain, our students NEED to be able to articulately and accurately share their thinking.
  2. Why don’t we use the Ignite format for students to share their learning? Check out this year’s Ignite slides for different perspectives on the same topic.

Education Should Be FUN

So many people claim that creativity is becoming a thing of the past for our young people. Really? You don’t have to go far to see students creating and sharing funny video clips, writing clever quips to caption their Instagram photos, or think about the creativity that goes into creating memes. In fact, I would love to show you a meme my 9 year-old created of me and my husband in Switzerland this past year. As a good Digital Citizen, I asked his permission to publish his example and he politely declined.

What if kids got really excited about learning and this excitement and passion were allowed to be creatively unleashed? How many more connections would students make with content?

The point is, it is time for learning to be fun (for everyone)

This year at #EdCampKC, Kristina Peters made a group of us download and create Bitmojis and we haven’t looked back since. I giggle each time I have a complex text conversation Bitmoji style. What a great way to tell a story! It was fun to see this idea reiterated at METC. What could Bitmoji do for your classrooms?

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 10.25.50 AM.png

I’m not saying it is going to be easy or that students aren’t going to make a few mistakes along the way. For me the idea of moving to a learner centered environment is not about knowing the answers FOR students, but about learning and creating WITH students. So, put yourself out there, get a little uncomfortable, then learn and try something new!

What is ONE connection you can make between this post and learning in your class or building that could be used to build a dynamic learner-centered environment?

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