EdCamp Liberty – Thankful for Connections!

EdCamp Final Logo

We were thrilled to host our 3rd annual EdCampLiberty Saturday, March 12 with about 200 regional educators converging on EPiC Elementary. Each year as we are putting the finishing touches on the event, we begin to wonder how this event will compare to past EdCamps. This year we experimented with the timeframe and hosted a four-session morning only event where we concluded at 12:30 pm and then hosted a Lunch and Learn for those who wanted to continue conversations.

I am very proud of this event and the work that goes into providing an awesome day of learning. So many wonderful comments poured in about the EPiC space, the schedule, and the reliability of the wireless network. Huge kudos goes out to those who helped organize this event as we are only successful because of the many people who give of their time and talents!

One of the things I love most about EdCamps is the positive nature of the educators in attendance and unless the wifi is being a problem, you won’t hear a single complaint. Educators just go with the flow and as you can see in the image below, sessions were created as people flowed in and out of our large entry space (also known as EPiC’s cafeteria/music/art/gym flex space). We knew hosting at EPiC Elementary was going to be amazing for the sessions, but we were a tad concerned about the start and ending of the day. Turns out, it all worked out fine.EdCampLiberty

Now that EdCampLiberty is officially over, I find myself thinking about the day and wondering what could be done to make the event better. I’m extremely happy about all of the connections that were made and do wonder how these connections will continue to push each other to new heights in the future.

This year’s EdCampLiberty hashtag was more active than it ever has been before, in fact at one point during the day we were TRENDING!!! I don’t know about you, but I’m still geeking out!

Edcamp trending

One of the reasons I love EdCamp so much is the ability to get great minds in one building and for a few hours there’s a synergy that is unmatched. Laura Gilchrist captured the idea here with her collage. I love the term “Collide” … to me that means, people and ideas! When you are at EdCamp, it is about improving education for ALL students. Not just those who go to your school, but to share ideas that help everyone move. It makes me wonder… what if we broke down the competitive walls inside our own institutions and had a day to collide with one another? What changes would naturally occur?

Edcamp Collisions of People and ideas

It is hard to imagine it will soon be time to think to EdCampLiberty 2017. We don’t have the date planned yet, but we will be taking EdCampLiberty to Liberty Middle School and highlighting some of their unique learning spaces. With Dr. Katie Lawson, LMS Principal helping to lead the charge, we are going to shoot for even more connected conversations. We are so thankful to everyone who helps organize this amazing day of learning and look forward to 2017! It does make me wonder…

What was one of your favorite connected conversations from EdCampLiberty 2016?

One response to “EdCamp Liberty – Thankful for Connections!

  1. My friend and I loved EdCamp Liberty. We teach in De Soto, KS, and love getting to meet new teachers in new areas. This is our third EdCamp now and are beginning to see familiar faces. I even met one of my Twitter PLN. That was cool! We loved the half-day format. Visiting EPIC Elementary was inspiring in itself. Those teachers were so nice to let us just look, absorb, and take pictures. It was an awesome morning and look forward to next year. Oh, did I mention that was the first day of our Spring Break? What a kickstart to the week.


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