Speed Dating EDU

Speed Dating for InterviewsWhat do you do to prepare students to interview with adults? Adrienne Fowler has Intro to Business students practice with peer-to-peer Speed Dating!

Each round is eight minutes broken down with two interviews and feedback cycles.

The person facing the online timer projected at the front of the room is the first interviewer. The interviewer has three minutes to ask questions using or adapting from the Sample Interview Questions provided by Mrs. Fowler.

After the three minutes is up, the interviewer uses their feedback form (shown below) and takes one minute to share at least one tip the interviewee could use for improvement. Now it is time to swap roles and repeat the process with a three minute interview followed by a one minute tip. Once the round time is complete, the person facing the back of the classroom gets up and moves to the next table.

Things to consider when using Speed Dating with students:

  • Number your tables to allow movement to flow without causing chaos
  • Print and provide Sample Interview Questions and Feedback Forms
  • Keep the rounds short enough to ensure all students stay invested in the process
  • Use a visible timer
  • Run 2-3 rounds to keep students actively engaged and allow for an intro and closure

I grabbed a few students at the end of the class hour to ask their opinion of Speed Dating and here is what they shared:

“I thought it was great. Speed Dating is a fun way to practice interviews.”

“I feel like I’m ready now to interview tomorrow with our adult volunteers.”

“Eight minute rounds were the perfect amount of time. More than three minutes to interview and the time would drag, less time and we wouldn’t have enough time to talk. This was the perfect amount of time to stay focused.”

I asked them if they felt the tips from their peers would help them for tomorrow’s interviews and every one of them said absolutely! From listening to the conversations the room was positively and productively buzzing with so many great student conversations!

Sample Interview Questions

Sample Interview Questions

Feedback Form

Peer Evaluation.jpeg

How could you use Speed Dating with your learners?

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