Visionaries Change Learning

This year Liberty Public Schools is building capacity in a new way. Instead of a top-down approach to a defined new initiative, we asked educators across the district what real-world problem they would like to tackle. Interested teachers were asked to submit a proposal and then finalists pitched their idea to a heavy-hitter selection team (think teacher leaders, directors, and superintendents). The outcome?

Meet our LEADS iIN Visionaries for 2016-2017


Chris Anderson and Lori Riedel are Library Media Specialists at Liberty High School who are rethinking what their collaborative library space could mean for learners of all ages. Their Visionary pitch was “From EPiC to Pryor – Bridging the Gap” and their story will be featured on our LEADS iIN over the next school year.

These power educators have been researching libraries across the country (and beyond) to find out what components are making a sustainable difference in the lives of learners. They are looking at their own physical space and thinking “What If”… being fearless in planning for changes that enhance learning and create experiential opportunities for students to dive into their interests while supporting content acquisition.

Spoiler Alert – be on the lookout for some significant changes as these two educators hooked up with Colleen Jones and are meeting with marketing specialists to brand their space. I can’t wait to see what we learn this year and am planning on sharing everything (the good, the bad, and the ugly) as we want to open our journey to the world.

First stop…. connecting with all of the awesome and innovative librarians out there. If you are connected to a library harnessing innovation to enhance the learning process, please let us know! We are creating a network now to help plan and implement a visionary approach to creating a new learning landscape!

 Congratulations Lori and Chris … keep dreaming big!

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