PD Snack – OneTab

So, I’m looking for creative ways to build content andPD share in bite-sized portions. On my way to work the other morning it hit me… why not create video PD Snacks with tips, tricks, and strategies in two minutes or less that I have seen working well in the field.

My disclaimer: I did not coin the term “PD Snack”. I wish I could give a credit to where I heard it, but I don’t recall as it was years ago. What I love about the term is that it was snappy enough to stick with me. A PD Snack really does fit the kind of professional learning I like… small but manageable bites with impact potential!

My delivery won’t be perfect, I never like the sound of my own voice, and from ideation to publishing this video took under 30 minutes to create. My hope is that the concept of a PD Snack will be of interest to others and more people will take a positive risk to share the little things that for one reason or the other create a positive impression!



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