Innovators Define Success Criteria

Last week was a busy one with the LEADS iIN Designers and Innovators kicking off our year with a day of collaborative learning. Our Innovator team is working towards incorporating Project Based Learning and will receive three days of PBL Gold training this semester and two follow-up sessions from Alicia Peletz, who is a National Faculty trainer for BIE.

To kick off our Innovator work together, we identified our learning targets and began the discussion specifically focusing on:

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 7.05.43 PM.png

In order to highlight the idea of using work samples, we engaged the Innovators in a small challenge project to begin our day. The team was asked to answer the question, “What makes a compelling post?”. We examined six work samples of real social media posts from bad to great (the order was not identified by the facilitator) and the Innovator teams had to rank their order and explain why. Next, we spent time discussing what actually made posts compelling. Take a look at where the Innovators landed:


Through determining the Success Criteria for a compelling post, the Innovators created the lookfors for designing their own post. We discovered quickly that by defining what we thought made a compelling post, we felt better able to evaluate our own work, and thus created compelling posts about what learning looked like in our classrooms. Below are three examples (one elementary, one middle level, and one high school) with more on our Resource Slides 6-9.

Innovators examples.jpg

The most exciting part of the discussion was how sorting and analyzing work samples to determine success criteria could be applied in our classrooms to create the scoring guides used for assessing student learning. When you engage students in the learning process, you also create student understanding and ownership for their learning.

All of this happened in the first hour of Day 1 with our Innovators! I can’t wait to share our next post about using video to enhance learner discussion… coming later this week. In the meantime…

What work samples could you use to help your learners define success criteria?





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