Everyone is a Learner

if-you-are-not-willingI recently started to crochet. WHAT?!?  Yes, me… crochet… and I’m not very good. I back up many times and my scarf might be getting thinner as I move forward, but I’m trying, and that is what counts.

Do you remember the last time you constructed something on your own? That feeling of satisfaction of looking at your progress and knowing you were learning something new? Do you remember what it is like to struggle because maybe your fingers don’t work like the ones you see on YouTube? Have you ever worked until your eyes and shoulders physically hurt from the strain of concentrating? Well, I’m getting the opportunity to experience all of these feelings including a healthy dose of frustration with a side of satisfaction that it does get easier.

So why crochet? Well that one is simple:

  1. I love a good scarf
  2. Our LMC 360 offers student-run workshops to teach others


Imagine for a moment that students are allowed to showcase their non-traditional skills while teaching others. Leveraging the interest of students through Design Studio Workshops has produced many opportunities for learning this semester which included a host of diverse topics:

  • SFX Make-up Demonstrations (Gore, Fantasy, and Character)
  • Literary Pumpkin Decorating
  • Little Bits Challenges
  • Holiday Origami
  • Crochet

All of these workshops are held during school within our Liberty Hour time and are a space for students to engage with other experts in a variety of areas. When you join these workshops you find them filled with great energy and never short of conversation. There is laughter and support while we all experience varying levels of success.

One thing that is ever-present is the personal connection that is being built through the vulnerability of the learning process. That, my friends, is the biggest reason I’m learning something new this week. Will I see this scarf through to the end? You bet… I don’t want to let down my new cohort of learners. It is exhilarating to have students who have already finished their scarves giving encouragement to those of us who are a little bit slower in the learning process.

We are in this together and I can’t wait to see how much progress I make this week! As of right now, you can see the start of my scarf below. I’m hoping to report back soon with a more finished project!


What are YOU learning this week?


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