Coaching Reflections

I have had a lot of really great experiences in education as a high school business teacher, within a district role implementing 1:1 in K12 Instructional Technology, and now as an Innovation and Learning Coach at Liberty High School (LHS).

I have always said I have the best job in the district and even though it keeps changing, I still believe it! Education is a field where you are constantly learning and I love being faced with opportunities and unique challenges each day. When you are lucky enough to be excited to come to work every morning and have a hard time shutting your brain off late at night, you know you are truly blessed!

Recently our boss, Dr. Jeanette Westfall, challenged us to reflect on what we do as coaches and share our story in a more transparent manner. Well challenge taken! I have been working on our building’s Learning Hub over the past few weeks to create a more collaborative platform for our teachers as a one-stop shop for information and opening our classrooms to the world. Considering the Hub is for teachers, it makes sense to share information about coaching in this space.

Our district uses the Student Centered Coaching model and we have been extensively coached by national consultant, Diane Sweeney. As a coach, we partner with teachers to focus on specific goals for student learning. We have had a number of schools come and visit us wanting examples of how we got started, which has prompted me to begin articulating some of the supports I provide teachers as an Innovation and Learning Coach.

Here is a snippet of the part of the post most likely interesting for teachers:

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.37.42 AM

In addition to the snippet above, you will find a description of Student Centered Coaching, information about what my week might look like, how we tell our story, and some ways I advertise to gain partnerships. Click HERE to read the entire post on our Learning Hub.

As I’m a constant reflective practitioner, I would love your feedback as you check out my post on the Learning Hub. Please leave your comments below about what additional information you would like to know about our Innovation and Learning Coaches.



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